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10 Top Reasons You Should Consider Aging In Place At Home

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 24, 2014 3:31:00 PM / by Mike LaBombard

Aging In Place

Top Reasons You Should Consider Aging In Place At Home:

As the concept of "Aging In Place" gains popularity, many will start to wonder, "Why should I even consider this idea?". It's a really great question and this blog post is designed to answer with quick overview of the top ten reasons that someone would want to consider Aging In Place (in no particular order).

It's important to note that any major decisions about your future should consider a number of factors, with special attention paid to overall health and mobility. Whenever considering remodeling your home to Age In Place, you should consult your local Certified Aging In Place Specialist for an expert opinion. 

#1 Safety:

       With some key modifications, you can make your home in to a very safe and accessible environment. When you are familiar with your surroundings and have immediate family nearby, your home becomes one of the safest places to live day-to-day

#2 Familiarity:

      Being familiar with the home is a very important safety concern. Knowing where things are and how to get from room to room helps you avoid making costly mistakes that could lead to a major accident. Often when an elderly person moves into a Nursing Home or Assisted Living center, they are reluctant to explore/become familiar with their environment and will thus remain restricted to their immediate living area. In addition, a recently released article points out that mental decline is a growing epidemic within the Baby Boomer generation; something that can be managed much more effectively when a person is very familiar with their surroundings. 

#3 Independence:

       Living within your own home will usually provide a feeling of independence and ownership that is not found in other locations. Maintaining a person's independence has been linked to increased physical and mental health and can vastly improve your quality of life. 

#4 Comfort:

       There is a reason your home looks and feels the way it does - because you picked out the furniture and decor! There is no place that will feel as comfortable as your own home and increasing this feeling has been linked to lower stress and reducing other health issues related to anxiety. 

#5 Stress:

       The stress of selling a home, moving, relocating to an institution, feeling uncertain or anxious, etc. can be very overwhelming and can lead to immediate health concerns. The path of least resistance for all parties is usually to stay within the comfort of your own home. 

#6 Convenience:

       Living at home usually makes it easier for caregivers to administer care as well as making it easier for family and friends to visit and check-in. It's often common for neighbors to play a major role in a person's  life as they get older, so staying put can add another layer of safety and convenience for all parties. 

#7 Economical:

       Compared to the prices charged for medical institutions, remodeling a home is by far the most cost effective method. According to Genworth Financial's Cost-Of-Care survey, over the past five years Nursing Home costs have risen 4.5% annually to a average yearly cost of $84,000. On the other side, the costs related to in-home care services and remodeling has only risen 1% annually and continues to be the much more economical option. 

#8 Peace-Of-Mind:

       Uncertainty about your future is one of the most stressful and anxious feelings a person can experience. Knowing that your future is planned out and safe for the foreseeable future is a huge relief not only for yourself, but also your family and the other people who care about you. 

#9 Resale Value:

       Remodeling for accessibility not only makes the house very safe and look great, but it opens up your home to the potential resale market of a massive Baby-Boomer generation. This aging generation will be seeking alternatives to medical institutions, which means your home will only grow in value as this niche market gets more popular. 

#10 Personalized Care:

       Remaining within your home allows for your immediate family to potentially be your primary caregiver. This not only keeps your loving family members close, but can also significantly cut down on costs as you wont need to hire personal care services. 


There are many more intangible and important reasons to Age In Place in your own home that will be revealed as you get closer to making some major life decisions. The good news is that the concept of "Aging In Place" is gaining in popularity, which means more and more expert knowledge and skills will be passed on to those making this type of major life decision. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact one of our Certified Aging In Place Specialists by Clicking Here.


In the mean time, by clicking the image below, you can download the free Aging In Place Workdbook to get an understanding of you and your home's accessibility needs.


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Mike LaBombard

Written by Mike LaBombard

Mike is the co-founder of AIP Builders and a seasoned CAPS certified general contractor

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