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Funding Resources For Accessibility Remodeling

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 27, 2014 1:34:00 PM / by Mike LaBombard


Navigating the Funding Gauntlet:

Sometimes when life deals you a hand of cards that you may not have wanted, you have to improvise and find creative ways to overcome the hardship. One of the greatest hardships for many Americans is a lack of money to feel financially stable. Unfortunately, when this situation is coupled with dealing with a disability, the difficulty becomes exponentially greater. This article will go over a few traditional ways - as well as a couple creative ways - to seek financial help with an accessibility remodeling project. 


♦ Home Improvement Loans:

       The majority of home renovations are funded by either personal savings or bank loans. The greatest benefit to a bank loan is the quick availability of funds; but that availability will come at a price (interest rates). If time isn't on your side for an accessibility renovation, you should contact a number of banks, as well as local credit unions, to see what kind of programs they have for home renovations, or if they have any specifically for accessibility. 

        Paying For Senior Care has a great Financial Assistance Locator tool that asks a few questions to decide what might be the best option for your situation - worth checking out if you need money quickly. 

        Wells Fargo also has some good information about their Home Renovation Loan program that is worth looking at. Many banks have these programs,  you just may have to dig a little deeper to find them. 

♦ State & Local Government Programs:

        Another option is to explore your state and local Government assistance programs. It's in the government's best interest to keep housing value stable to promote economic development. Because of this, most states and local Governments will offer grants or very affordable loans to individuals who meet certain criteria.

        One example is the USDA's Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants, which will grant money to low income individuals who are renovating their home to remove health and safety hazards depending on your accessibility needs. To seek Veteran funding for accessibility remodeling, search through the US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs as well as Massachusetts' Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP).

♦ Charities:

         In addition to grants, charities provide a great way to obtain funding without putting yourself further in debt. The basic purpose of most charities is to be generous to those who are poor or in need of assistance. However, charities don't have the resources to actively seek our people who need help, so you will need to contact them and enlighten them to your accessibility situation. 

        Great Nonprofits is a directory of charities and nonprofits that provides a good starting point to contacting the right people to help with your accessibility renovation. If you're a Veteran or involved with the Military, the Wounded Warrior Project has gained significant popularity and has received good reviews from those who have accepted assistance already. 

♦ Crowdfunding:

         A less traditional, but growing form of funding is through a crowdfunding website. Crowdfunding is a way to fund certain projects or ventures by gathering small amounts of money from a lot of individuals via the internet. Most people inherently want to help others, and crowdfunding gives them a chance to donate small amounts of money to those who may need it more. When you reach a large crowd via a crowdfunding website, it's possible that the power of generosity can fund your accessibility project. 

        Some of the most popular websites to use are GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and For additional sites visit this Top Ten List and explore more crowdfunding avenues. 

♦ Multi-Media Outreach Campaign:

         When you feel that your efforts just aren't panning out the way you had hoped, the power of the internet can do amazing things if done right. Create a video, start blogging, share your story on social media - just find any avenue you can to share your story to the masses. With a little luck, your story will strike a cord with someone who can help improve your situation. 

 Never Stop Trying: 

         Being in a difficult accessibility situation is hard enough, don't let money compound the difficulty. If you are in desperate need of help, try all the avenues you can find and never stop trying to get your story out to the world. And likewise, if you see someone in a desperate situation, lend a helping hand or help get their story out so that they may be able to receive the assistance they truly need. 

         For more information about Massachusetts specific or US. Veteran's Affairs grants, give AIP Builders a call or send an email - we would be happy to lend our expertise and experience with these assistance programs.




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Mike LaBombard

Written by Mike LaBombard

Mike is the co-founder of AIP Builders and a seasoned CAPS certified general contractor

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