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Project Update: Florence MA Addition

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 26, 2019 9:30:07 AM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Home Accessibility

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What is more fun than reading words? Looking at pictures!

As we start, progress through, and complete projects, we usually end up with a ton of pictures that don't get used for much. This type of article will walk our audience through the progression of some of our projects so that you can see exactly what goes into a project from start to finish. This first one is a doozy!

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Things Are Picking Up for AIP Builders!

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info

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Aging In Place Builders Owners


Every now and then it's nice to get a card from someone that updates you on their life - Facebook can get a little impersonal these days! This article is our letter to you informing you of all the fun progress we've made as well as our future business plans. Our clients make us who we are, so it's our pleasure to include you in our business as we grow. 

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3 Aging In Place Services That Are Trending Upwards

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 8, 2018 5:01:40 PM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info, Technology

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The National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC) reports that more than 90% of older adults prefer to Age In Place rather than relocate to housing designed for senior living. Once the challenge of remodeling your existing home for accessibility is complete, additional support services are often necessary for a variety of issues from healthcare to companionship. In your local area there are usually a handful of local agencies and/or private companies that may be able to help, but the trend is moving towards online on-demand services. This blog will cover three in particular that are growing in popularity: Visiting Angels, Hometeam, and Right At Home.

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Kitchen Accessibility: How To Make My Kitchen Easier To Use

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 17, 2017 11:50:00 AM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Kitchen Accessibility

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As we age, many seniors are deciding that they want to be able to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Changing physical needs, however, make it necessary to examine the house carefully in order to ensure that it meets all the characteristics needed in order for you to remain there. The kitchenis the cause of over 14% of elderly home accidents and is filled with potential hazards that could make living at home difficult. Wondering whether or not your kitchen is accessible for Aging In Place? Take a look at some of these suggestions and guidelines recommended by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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3 Ways To Fund Your Accessible Home Improvements

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 26, 2017 10:59:59 AM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info, Baby Boomers

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Investing in your accessible home improvement project is a great idea - especially since a small investment can greatly improve safety within your home. Remodeling with "Aging In Place" in mind can also save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. With a few modifications, you'll stay in your home long after retirement without the need to consider alternatives like an average $48,000-a-year Assisted Living facility. However, finding the funds for a home improvement project is no easy task. We've rounded up three excellent ways to fund your home remodeling project so you can find something that's right for your situation.

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5 Ways to Make Money After Retirement

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 21, 2017 11:54:42 AM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info, Baby Boomers

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make money after retirement

Retirement, the golden years that you're able to spend doing exactly what you want... right? Unfortunately no... along with that freedom comes significant expense, especially if your health is starting to decline or if you didn't save as much as you had hoped in your retirement account. However, do not fret - there are several ways you can make money after retirement without feeling as though you're right back to punching a time clock. This article will provide an overview and resources for five ways that you can make money after retirement. 

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Aging In Place Product Digest: Walk-In Bathtubs

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 9, 2017 12:16:35 PM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Product Digest

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AIP Builders Product Digest-1.png

Soak In The Safety

The walk-in shower has long been a fixture in many homes, even in homes that don't require accessibility features. But there's just something about soaking in a nice hot bath that many seniors miss as they start to avoid their bathtubs.

The walk-in tub is a great safety option as you consider what accessibility products would make your home more comfortable and enjoyable as you Age In Place. In this month's accessibility Product Digest, we'll look at options, ballpark pricing, and pros/cons for walk-in bathtubs.

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Multigenerational Living Regains Prominence in U.S.

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 1, 2017 12:43:42 PM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info, Baby Boomers

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Researchers weren't surprised when multigenerational households became more common during the deep recession beginning in 2007. What caught them a little off guard was that the growth in multigenerational living continued as the economy recovered.

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Downsizing Tips For Seniors & Boomers

[fa icon="calendar'] May 23, 2017 12:04:47 PM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info, Baby Boomers

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With most Seniors already in retirement and a large number of Baby Boomers quickly reaching retirement age, they face the dilemma of whether to age in place or downsize. Both options carry benefits and risks, making it a very difficult decision. Since the choice varies based on each person's interests and needs, this post will outline some of the recent housing trends as well as general guidelines for beginning the downsizing process. 


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What Is Pompe Disease: A Proactive Look Towards Accessibility

[fa icon="calendar'] May 10, 2017 1:20:52 PM / by Jeff LaBombard posted in Aging In Place Info

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Why Pompe Disease? 

Recently, Aging In Place Builders had the privilege of building a fully accessible bedroom/bathroom addition for a fantastic client with Pompe Disease. Although we have helped many clients with various illnesses or diseases, this was the first time we had encountered Pompe Disease. One of the very first steps we take with any client is to discuss the current and future health situation - What health problem do you currently have? Will things get worse and how long do we have? Do you want to remain in your home with some modifications? 

Naturally, our curiosity was piqued as to what this disease was all about and how we could help our client in the most effective way possible. This article outlines a summary of the information we learned and how we used it in our designs. 

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