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Welcome to the first blog for Aging In Place Builders. We are Western Massachusetts' leading Aging In Place contractors who specialize in - and are passionate about - creating safe and comfortable homes for people with disabilities or deteriorating health. In this article, we will breifly go over some relevant topics that you will regulary see as discussion points on this blog. 

The Booming Future, Aging Intelligently:

Getting older has never been so scary. Every time you turn on the television or Google-search for anything related to the "Baby Boomers," all you find are apocalyptic predictions and scary percentages to prove haunting trends. But no matter how scary things may seem, there is always a bright side, especially for that legendary Baby Boomer generation. 

Lets take a look at some of those bright sides shall we? The Baby Boomers make up roughly one third of the US population and are "...the best-educated and most-savvy seniors this country has ever had," according to Rick Wade, a former Senior VP at American Hospital Association (AHA). The result of this trend is that the Boomers will band together with force to demand reform and decision making throughout the US health care system. This large group of intelligent people may just have a loud enough voice to evolve the US health care system into a top-tier organization. 

Another bright side to remember is that the Baby Boomers are responsible for an innumerable number of advancements in the medical field. What will ultimate be the fruits of their labor, is a longer and healthier life trend. This can have a number of positive impacts on the economy and society. While the "normal" retirement age is still 65, Baby Boomers are finding that they can stay at work later into life and will often seek out entrepreneurial endeavors after they retire. In addition, this extension of the average lifespan has meant a more cohesive and supportive family structure - everyone prefers a grandparent as the babysitter. 

Aging In Place:

The question now becomes, what can we do to help this movement? That is where the concept of Aging In Place comes into focus. As more Baby Boomers and/or their children begin to see the potential health challenges that occur towards the later years of life, nursing homes and assisted living organizations will also be tuning in. Eventually the demand will far outweigh the supply for capable living arrangements and prices will skyrocket to levels that are unattainable for most families. One alternative to this trend is to perform targeted home accessibility renovations. Whether it's simply installing grab bars in a barrier free bathroom, or a complete construction of a fully accessible house, the one time costs are generally much less than the continuous costs of a nursing home/assisted living center. This alternative can also keep the family structure intact vs. having to move a family member to a distant location for the affordable nursing home/assisted living center. 

Buckle Up:

The next few decades are going to be some of the most interesting and challenging years that the human race will ever face. One thing that most everyone can agree on is that we'd rather experience those interesting years in the safety and comfort of our own homes. 



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Mike LaBombard

Written by Mike LaBombard

Mike is the co-founder of AIP Builders and a seasoned CAPS certified general contractor

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