Aging In Place Defined

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What Does It Mean To You?

Aging in place will mean different things to different people. Some may see it as an opportunity to remain in a familiar neighborhood, close to the comforts of family and friends. Others may see it as a chance to prepare for the future, so decisions later in life won’t be so difficult. Still others may see it as an opportunity to keep the family together and to create a safe and accessible living space for aging family members.

At AIP Build and Design, aging in place is our specialty and we have extensive experience developing solutions to our client’s home challenges. From a person who has just sustained a life-altering injury or illness, to elderly citizens who need a few modifications to spend their remaining days at home.  From aging baby-boomers who want to plan ahead for the future, to sons and daughters looking to create an addition for mom and dad. We can assist any individual or business interested in making their living space safe, comfortable and accessible for themselves or for guests.

We have a full team of construction specialists to complete everything from small renovations to new construction. There are many options for updating your living space for comfort and convenience, please visit the Interior Spaces and Exterior Spaces sections of this website for details.




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Scheduling a Home Safety Assessment or Safety Info-Call is one of the easiest and smartest things a family can do when preparing for a life with added challenges. It's not easy planning for the inevitable future. But whether you're a disabled Veteran or a loving family member planning for the later years of life, our Certified Aging In Place Specialists will work with you to determine exactly what changes need to be made to create a safe and comfortable living environment. 


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Benefits of Aging In Place Renovations:

  • Safety: remodeling a home so a person can stay there helps contribute their well-being is many different ways: keeping them secure, comfortable, independent, and safe inside the home.
  •  Familiarity: being familiar with the home is an important safety concern. Knowing where things are and how to get from room to room helps us avoid making costly mistakes inside the home.
  •  Independence: being in the home allows us to continue with our everyday tasks and keeps our minds and spirits elevated.
  •  Comfort: everyone feels safer and more secure in the place they know and love. Also, having family, friends, and neighbors nearby contribute to our overall well-being.
  •  Less Stress: the stress of selling a home, moving and relocating to an institution can be overwhelming.
  •  Convenience: easier for caregivers to administer care as well as making it easier for family and friends to visit and check-in.
  •  Economical: compared to the prices charged for medical institutions, remodeling a home is by far the most cost effective method.
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Plan Ahead:

Everyone values the ability to live independently. But without a plan for aging in place, it can be hard to stay in control of your life. Most people find it hard to look that far ahead or think about the inevitability of aging or developing a limiting health condition. Living in Massachusetts, we have some of the highest nursing home and assisted living costs in the nation. Careful consideration must be taken when deciding to give up your home and pay for these institutions, or to take the steps to age in place. Our years of building experience provide aging in place solutions that are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. We invite you to contact Aging in Place Builders, Inc. to discuss your concerns, or request a Free Home Evaluation.