Driveway & Walkway Accessibility:

The Accessible Driveway & Walkway:

The location of driveways and walkways is an important consideration when determining how an individual can safely get into and out of the house from a vehicle. Some driveways run directly into a covered garage which is the ideal situation for an individual with mobility problems. Some driveways run around the house and near an entry, however there may be an inadequate walkway to the entryway. Walkways that are level with the driveway and lead with an even slope to a ramp or entryway are very important safety considerations for entry and exit from a home.

Space Utilization
Driveways and walkways are important components to the safety of the individual as they go about their daily activities and appointment outside of the home. Ideally, some portion of the driveway will be covered to protect the individual and the ground from the elements. If not covered, the driveway should be located near enough to an entry/exit so a small walkway, ramp, or lift can be easily accessed by an individual in a wheelchair or using a walker.

The overall condition of a driveway or walkway is a big factor in trip and fall accidents. Note the condition of the materials used and any cracks that could catch a toe or walker wheel. Note any uneven sections of the walking areas that could trip an individual or throw them off balance. Make sure the materials used to make the walkways allow for easy snow removal.









Top Recommendations: 

  • Assess the overall condition of driveways and walkways and determine if repairs or replacement is necessary for safety.
  • Look into non-skid and easily maneuverable materials for walkway replacement.
  • Consider covering a portion of the driveway to protect the individual and vehicles from the elements.
  • Make sure there is adequate safety lighting from the vehicle area to the home entryway.
  • Determine if the home can be barrier-free from the vehicle space all the way into the entry of the home.    


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